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Happy All Over with Tracy

"She was very well behaved at her first outing, only 22 months old and doing very well in training... Lots of fun!" --Tracy Gandin, August 13, 2001


Tracy in the Ring


August, 2002


New Competition


August, 2002


Tracy  and Her Babe


August, 2002

"Happy All Over" - August 2001

Now let me brag on my sister Tracy

My sister Tracy makes me feel like I found a soul mate. She is talented in a million arenas but downplays them all. She is loving and gentle and nurturing and has made me know I belong with her and the family. We pretty much fell in love at first sight, which is a wonderful thing. I remember when she got a computer for Christmas in 1998 and we spent an hour and a half on it yacking to our girlish hearts content.

She adds a great deal of meaning to my life, I love being able to say I have a family up there, being able to go visit at any time and know I am welcome there. - Caitlin Wright Binning, 1999


Tracy's Prize Mare

June 2001

Tracy's older horse Topper

June 2001

Tracy Ganlin on Markie

Tracy on Tango's Merry Marquita
 (aka Blondie)

  Tracy shows Tenessee Walking Horses and does wonderfully. Her horse was the Vermont state champ in 1999..

Tracy and her husband Dan teach in Montpelier, Vermont (her Living Arts, him Health and basketball). She has two children, Kelly and Sean.

Tracy describes herself and Kelly as "horse addicts." She wrote last February, "I rode my golden Walker today, even though it was about 10 degrees... brrrrr.....No daffodils coming up around here!" (Addict sounds about right.)

They have two Tennessee Walking Horses and travel the Vermont and New England horse show circuit with them.

Some Links for Tracy

See Tracy all dressed up at the Equine Affaire, autumn 1998. Note that her next show is the UVM Equine Fair in Burlington on March 6, 2000.

Click here for more information about and photos of Tracy and her horses, including Tango's Merry Marquita. These are breed promotion demos that she and her daughter Kelly do with the club, Northern Walking Horse Association.


Midnight Tango